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                              Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Association Visits Zixing Huihua Electronic Co., Ltd
                              08-16 / 2022

                              On the morning of August 16, 2022, an expert group from Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Association came to Zixing Huihua Electronic Co., Ltd to investigate the development of industrial electronic informatization.

                              First, both sides held a working situation exchange forum in Zixing Huihua Electronic Co., Ltd. Liu Huan, head of Publicity Department of Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Association, introduced the purpose of this investigation to Xiao Guo, General Manager of the company, and Chen Naixi, Vice General Manager. Xiao Guo, explained the company's general situation, development history and future development direction in detail to the professors, experts and directors of the investigation group. Then, expert group visited the company's workshop,also carried on the scene view to product process flow. The experts expressed that their harvest of this investigation is very big, and touched deeply by what they seen and knew. the outstanding achievements of Huihua Electronic. The experts group gave full affirmation to Huihua Electronic for the outstanding achievements,and highly appreciated Huihua Electronic for the major contribution the company done for promoting the local high-quality economic development.