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                              Unique Skills "Professional,Proficient,Particular,Advanced"
                              08-10 / 2022

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                              Workers rush to produce to meet customers' demand at a production workshop of Zixing Huihua Electronic Co., Ltd, Aug 5, 2022.

                              Zixing Huihua Electronic Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise in the electronic industry park of Zixing Economic Development District, Hunan Province, is a professional,proficient,particular,advanced "little giant" enterprise, with 16 national utility model patents,mainly produce of electronic transformers, filters, inductors and other electronic products.

                              In recent years, the city with science and technology innovation as the driving, in-depth implementation of the rapid development of science and technology innovation platform, the rapid growth of high-tech enterprises, specialization, the Professional,Proficient,Particular,Advanced "little giant" enterprises developing three special operation, through strengthening policy support, capital, talent, etc, to promote a batch of high quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises which master unique skills "professional,proficient,particular,advanced".