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                              Huihua Electronic’s Corporate Social Responsibility


                              1.Corporate Responsibility to Customers

                              As an organization that gains profits by providing products and services to Huihua Electronic,it is the first duty of suppliers to provide inexpensive,safe,comfortable and durable goods and services to meet the material and spiritual needs of Huihua Electronic,as well as its social responsibility to Huihua Electronic.Suppliers shall assume responsibility for the quality of products and services,fulfill  commitment to Huihua Electronics in terms of product quality and service quality, refrain from cheating Huihua Electronic and seeking excessive profits, and consciously accept the supervision of the government and the public in terms of product quality and service quality.


                              2.Corporate Responsibility to Employees

                              (1) Suppliers shall comply with all applicable national laws and regulations,international labor standards and other codes of conduct.

                              (2) Suppliers shall shall establish labor union,through which employees can communicate with senior leaders about issues concerned by the organization.

                              (3) Suppliers shall not discriminate based on gender,age,religious belief,descent,social status,social background,disability,race and ethnic origin,nationality,membership in the workers' organization,political party or any other personal characteristics.

                              (4) Suppliers shall strictly abide by the requirements of the local government on minimum wage standards,and paid overtime wages in accordance with the requirements of the labor law,to ensure that the wages and treatment of employees can meet their normal living expenses,and does not deduct the wages of employees in any form in arrears.

                              (5)Suppliers shall establish and improve regulations and procedures related to occupational health,health and safety,and strictly implementing them to ensure the health and safety of employees.


                              3.Provide Information Truthfully

                              Suppliers shall guarantee to Huihua Electronic that all materials provided are authentic, legal and effective. If any third party confidential information is involved in the materials,Suppliers shall guarantee that it has obtained the authorization of the third party.Suppliers shall also guarantees that all information provided by it to its partners is true,accurate and complete.


                              4.Prohibit Income Fraud

                              Suppliers shall not assist Huihua Electronic’s employees to confirm false income,confirm income in advance or deliberately delay the confirmation of income by means of false project,false increase of customer demand,false contract,false receipt and false acceptance certificate.Suppliers shall not forge Huihua Electronic’ company stamp and official documents.


                              5.Prohibit Collecting Information Illegally And Improperly

                              Suppliers shall shall not obtain and use Huihua Electronic's trade secrets or other confidential information by any illegal or unethical means,including but not limited to collecting or receiving their own or third party's confidential information from partners,competitors' employees or other parties in an improper manner.


                              6.Cooperate With Huihua Electronics' Audit

                              Suppliers shall not conceal any information that may affect the interests of Huihua Electronic. Suppliers shall strictly abide by this code of business conduct and will cooperate with the audit of Huihua Electronic.


                              7.Prohibit Libel

                              Suppliers shall adhere to the principle of business integrity,and shall not slander or slander the goodwill of Huihua Electronic,competitors or make false or misleading statements about competitors or their products and services.


                              8.Prohibit Bribery

                              Suppliers shall not attempt to gain illegitimate interests, maintain the cooperation with Huihua Electronic by bribing Huihua Electronic’s employee or sending improper interests to Huihua Electronic’s employee,including but not limited to cash, securities,improper business etiquette or gift(include but not limited to,the valuables,high value cultural gifts,travelling,high-level reception etc.).


                              9.Prohibit Associative Relationship

                              Suppliers shall not allow Huihua Electronic’s employee or his/her family member to participate in its shares.If an employee of Huihua Electronic or a major relative of Huihua Electronic’s employee is working for or as an employee, consultant,director,executive or shareholder of Supplier,Suppliers shall promptly report to the Huihua Electronic.


                              10.Intellectual property rights and confidential information

                              Suppliers shall respect the intellectual property rights of Huihua Electronic,and shall not disclose the confidential information obtained in the normal trading process with Huihua Electronic without permission.


                              11.Corporate Responsibility for Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development

                              (1) Suppliers shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations on prohibited or restrictive substances and Huihua Electronic requirements,such as RoHS,REACH,etc.,and shall take effective measures to prohibit or restrict the use of specific substances in products or in the manufacturing process.

                              (2) Suppliers shall comply with all applicable on pollutants (including waste water,waste gas,solid waste) laws and regulations,including the relevant manufacturing,transportation,storage,processing,and emissions requirements,to reduce or eliminate the pollution at the source and discharge,ban illegal discharge of poisonous and harmful pollutants, the prevention of noise pollution.

                              (3) Suppliers shall adopt economical and alternative measures to reduce the consumption of energy,water and natural resources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.